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Nuala, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe / Dr Kevin Gilmore

I have nothing but praise for Dr Woolfe. He has been an excellent specialist dentist for me any time I have attended him over several years now. He is also very caring, patient and extremely kind. I have every confidence in his ability to give me exactly the treatment I need always. Dr Gilmore is also an extremely competent specialist (in my opinion) and I have always found him very helpful and patient in his approach.


Roy, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe

Without a doubt the most caring and professional dental care available in Dublin. After being a patient elsewhere, I can say that it doesn’t get any better.


Graham, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe / Dr Kevin Gilmore

I can’t recommend either Kevin or Spencer highly enough. Both were professional and friendly and were very aware of my worried and expectations. A fabulous service from start to finish.


Drina, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe

Dr Spencer Woolfe is a Periodontist extraordinaire. He cares about his patients and looks after them. Assuredly they are well looked after. We need dental/perio care of this quality.


Desmond, Meath

Dr Spencer Woolfe

Service is excellent. Courteous and highly professional.


Geraldine, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe / Dr Kevin Gilmore

For me, Harcourt Dental Clinic is about patient care. A clinic with all the expertise in-situ to offer the benefits of up to date techniques in all aspects of dental health and hygiene. These are essential elements in having confidence in my practitioner. Thank you to Dr Kevin Gilmore and Dr Spencer Woolfe.


Sylvia, Dublin

Dr Spencer Woolfe

I am a patient for approx 20 years. I have received excellent service and advice concerning the wellbeing of my teeth. I appreciated the punctuality and politeness from the doctors and their staff and have no hesitation in continuing the foregoing.


Brian, Dublin

Dr Kevin Gilmore / Dr Spencer Woolfe / Dr Andrew Woolfe Hygienist: Claire Madigan

I have attended Harcourt Dental for over thirty years. I have always been impressed with their professional approach. My family also attend and would agree. The clinic has a wide range of specialisation and deal expertly with all dental problems. I would recommend this practice without hesitation.


Bairbre, Dublin

Dr Kevin Gilmore

I spent 3 years researching the best method of straightening my teeth. As an adult recently promoted in work, I wanted a discreet method of getting the smile outside to match what I felt I was inside. What I loved about Harcourt Dental was that they are human, interested in your teeth, and actually asked me what I wanted done. Every other practice had dentists (orthodontists) who simply offered standard braces because that was what they knew best and traditionally offered. I was looking for braces on the inside of my teeth and some veneers on selected teeth. This practice has the skill-set to get it all done in one location; essential (I think) during finishing stages of your treatment. A practice with three enthusiastic dentists makes it easier to get an appointment should you need a quick adjustment to the brace (my weakness for eating pistachio nuts at the weekend!). Additionally I’d point out the handiness of the place being located on a LUAS line with many buses stopping close by – making it easy to nip in and out of town. Dr Fleming offered me Saturday appointments, meaning not having to take time off work. Dr Gilmore was excellent also, fixing and tweaking parts during the treatment. Even the artist they use to make the veneers did a brilliant job of colour-matching to my existing teeth. It was a tough decision to first get teeth extracted, followed by 2-years of wearing braces as an adult. (On the plus side, having braces makes you eat less!) I’m delighted with my results and would not hesitate to recommend Harcourt Dental to you, whatever improvements you want to make to your smile.


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