Dental Implants

Dental implants are an extremely effective long-term solution for missing teeth that also solves common denture problems. A titanium implant is used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. The implant is inserted into a pre-drilled socket in the jawbone, and a new restoration is attached to restore the tooth’s full function.

There are many reasons a patient might come to see us for dental implants:

  • Unsightly gaps
  • Loose and ill-fitting dentures
  • Teeth deteriorating and requiring extraction
  • Loss of teeth following surgery or cancer treatment
  • Loss of teeth after an accident, car or sports injury

Dental implants allow us to restore teeth to the closest thing to natural dentition as possible. They can help you regain your confidence so you can socialise again, eat out in public, play sports, and simply smile. Dental implants must be maintained in the same way that natural teeth are, with regular checks and visits to your dental hygienist for maintenance.

Candidates for dental implants need to have healthy gums and adequate bone levels to support the implant. Dr Spencer Woolfe will conduct a thorough examination to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. A CT scan is usually taken to determine the thickness and quality of bone before placing any implants.

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