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Harcourt Dental Clinic
14 Harcourt Street
Dublin 2
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If you require one of our specialists to provide a treatment plan this is normally done after an assessment of your dental health and you will receive a selection of options ranging from the straight forward that can be done by your regular dentist, to the more complex treatments.

You will be guided through your different treatment options based on your requests and what is right for you depending on your request. Often at times patients simply need a plan organised for the future so if an issue arises then there is a plan in place with costs and treatment times.

We understand the need to be competitively priced, and regularly review our pricing and treatments options for our customers. However our first priority is in delivering excellent dental services that our patients can be confident in.

We know that our attention to detail combined with selecting the right materials are key in delivering first class dentistry.

Harcourt Dental Clinic will also be happy to discuss payment plans with our patients.

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